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Message From Vick:

Hey BIMMERS – great news: We’re going mobile!

Over the next several weeks we will be creating, testing and
polishing a new mobile platform that will be available
exclusively to BIM members only.

We’re talking sales funnels, follow ups, broadcasts,
the whole thing!

It’s going to be amazing and we believe it will multiply
your income!

But before we can roll that out publicly, we will be testing the
new platform with the “BIM Inner Circle” members first.

Our ‘BIM Inner Circle’ members will be the first ones to test
and use the new mobile platform.

Here’s How To Get In
The “BIM Inner Circle”

If you live in the USA, text ” BIMMER ” to 58885

If you’re outside of the USA, text ” BIMMER ” to +1(605)550-4880

Let’s Rock This!

-Vick Strizheus

Big Idea Mastermind
News and Updates

Hey - I'm doing something a bit different today 
and sending this invitation to YOU too... 
So we're doing a special BIM 'Power-Hour' 
webinar (actually 2 of them).
It's for BIM Members ONLY.
I want to cover 3 main important things: 
1. Latest updates (you need to know about)
2. Advanced wealth creation training
3. 'In-House Traffic' Agency stuff...
Over the last 3 days I've generated well over 
24,000 unique opt ins from this 'in-house' traffic
I've been testing...
Getting a 40% OPT IN RATE! 
... that's insane.
Anyway - so I will be taking on a first 'test group' 
and will tell you how to get into the test group on 
the webinar. 
There will be 2 webinars today. Similar webinar 
but 2 different times to accommodate our friends
overseas :-)
Just pick the time that works best for you and 
register. ...then check your email for a special 
I'm using a new webinar platform too... should 
be pretty awesome... Will see! 
Alright, that's all. 
Go ahead and register -see you on the webbi.

wanted to give you guys couple of quick updates... 

#1. I'm going to be on the Empower Hour call tonight
@ 9:00PM EST ... talking about ... who knows what! lol 

Here's a dial in number: (209) 255-1040 

#2. This Wednesday, Feb 5th we will have a 'Power-Hour' 
webinar ... actually 2 of them. 

One will be at 11:00am EST (for those of you guys 
overseas) and another one will be at 9:00PM EST for all 
the US and Canada folks. 

This webinar is going to be a bit different and it's packed 
with pure content for the entire 60 minutes. 

Watch your email over the next couple of days with 
login details for the Wednesday 'Power Hour' training. 

3. actually forgot what #3 was... lol so I will let you know 
whenI remember it. 

That's all for now. 

Talk soon, 

P.S. Oh! one other thing... 

I've been running some tests with the "in-house traffic 
source" and it's been pretty mind blowing so far... 

... got me almost 20,000 opt ins in the last 48 hours
and it's not even half way through yet! 

Looks like we might be having the best 2014 ever :-)

Will keep ya posted. 

We should be able to open this to everybody within the 
next 5-7 business days or so... Just waiting merchant 
approvals on some things still.


Tonight I'm holding a special members-only
webinar and will be making a huge announcement.
We're releasing a system where you can get all
the traffic you want and have professionals close
all your sales for you 
...and you keep 100% commissions!
This will take your business to the next level
Make sure you're on the webinar tonight. 
Here's your login:
WHEN: Tonight, Wednesday, Jan 29th
TIME: 9:00PM EST / 8:00PM CST / 6:00PM PST
Name: Your Name
Passcode: ready
Please DO NOT share this with anybody. It's for 
BIM members only.
Webinar room will open 15 minutes before start. 
Get there early because I have a feeling it will be
packed house tonight.
See you there!
P.S. If you're not on the BIM SMS notifications list
yet - get on it. This way you'll never miss any important
reminders and updates.
Here's how to get on the list: 
If you're in the USA, text the word  bimmer  to 58885
If you're outside of the USA, text the word  bimmer 
to +1 (605) 550-4880
You'll get a verification text, make sure to confirm 
your subscription and you're golden! 


What r ya'll doing tonight? 
Whatever it is, I recommend rescheduling, 
canceling, and do whatever you can to 
be on tonight's BIM-ONLY webinar. 
Here's why: 
Tonight we'll talk about ... 
let me just put it this way - 
That's all I will tell ya. 
Make sure to jump on tonight's webbi.
Here's your login: 
WHEN: Tonight, Tuesday, Jan 21st
TIME: 9:00PM EST / 8:00PM CST / 6:00PM PST
Name: Your Name 
Passcode: bimonly
Don't be late. Room will open 15 minutes
before start. 
See you there.
Hey ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

Quick update about the "Launch 2014"...

BTW, if you don't know what I'm talking
about - watch this webinar replay.

So here's what we're doing:

Making a radical shift releasing a platform
and a 'done-for-you' system that will allow
us to bring in 250,000 new bimmers in 2014.

That means you should be able to easily 10X
your business and your bank account.

Here's how we're doing it:

#1. ZRPOE (Zero Resistance Point Of Entry)
for Big Idea Mastermind. (again, watch the webbi
for all details).

#2. VSMF (Very Sophisticated Marketing Funnel)

...that gives you an ability to earn commissions
from 3 different directions and virtually 'self-fund'
your business building.

#3. NBT (No Brainer Traffic).

We'll have our own "in house" traffic division
offering highest quality clicks available anywhere.

You will be able to just decide how many visitors
you want and get those delivered within 24-48 hours.

We'll be able to get around 2,000,000 fresh visitors
per month. 80% of them are BUYERS.


If you're currently an active member of BIM, you will
be 'grandfathered' in to the new system. ...meaning you
will not have to pay for the new VSMF.

(again, watch the webinar)

Initially I wanted to have you re-confirm your interest
and present to you an updated BIM Pledge, but I've
decided to do that right after the Miami event.

Here's what you need to do right now:

1. Watch the webinar replay and really think about wether
you want to lock arms with us 1000% moving forward
or not.

If you're not going to be loyal to what we do 1000%
and if you're not going to be a team player, or if you're
90% committed and 10% skeptical or unsure or whatever-
I want to give you an opportunity to cancel your stuff now
and leave BIM.

In 2014 we're REALLY going to focus on this word

And "mastermind" means people working together
in perfect harmony.





There will not be any kind of crap tolerated on the team
(and I don't care who you are.)

2. Tomorrow night Empower is doing a very special
hangout. Be there live and bring your team with you.

You can invite your prospects as well.

I believe the link for tomorrow is going to be:


(just add your EN username after ?id= to track sales to you)

3. Get to Miami.

4. If you decide to stay and run with us in 2014,
you will need to sign a BIM Pledge so you can be
grandfathered in to the new system. That will happen
right after Miami.

5. If you haven't opted in to the BIM member SMS
VIP Notifications list, do so right now so that you can
get important updates and don't miss anything.

If you're in the USA - text BIMMER to 58885

If you're outside of USA - text BIMMER to +1(605)550-4880

You will get a text right back asking to confirm. Make sure
to reply back and confirm your request. Important.

This is for members only. You don't have to do this if you
don't want to get important annoucements.

That's all for now.

Day 14 in the 30 day program will be opening up any time
now and the program will resume.

If you're not a DIAMOND yet - upgrade.

Invest in your business now and get ready for an explosive

Seriously, if upgrade to Diamond level because you will
be missing out of a LOT of cool stuff ... and $$$$

Anyway - so that's all.

Talk soon,



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